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A Program for Schools Outside the U.S.

The Crenshaw School, located in Gotha, FL (Orlando area), with over 20 years in academic excellence is pleased to offer a new accredited high school program. International High School students who dream of graduating with an American High School diploma have a new path for their future.

Online High School Program will be offered to students anywhere in the world during their local high school.

Students are required to complete the credits below for 5 full credits.

The Online High School are only available through schools that have adopted the program.

About the Courses

Our accredited courses offer unique opportunities to International students. Eligible students who complete the program will be provided:

  • U.S. high school diploma from The Crenshaw School
  • High school transcripts from The Crenshaw School
  • Foreign credit evaluation and transfer to U.S. credits
  • Assistance with U.S. college and university applications
  • Invitation to attend in-person to any Crenshaw School programs or events, including our Graduation Ceremony, and any national or international school-led trips

These are self-paced, and teacher-supported courses. Rest assured that your student will receive help and personal guidance while attending these online courses. We are here for your success, and pride ourselves on offering a student-centered atmosphere based on personal connections and community (yes, even while going to school online!).

We’re very excited to offer this program to better suit students from around the globe. Contact us with any questions, or if you want to discuss how to enroll your student in this accessible, transformative program.