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Why We Exist

To empower and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to tackle challenges and make a difference in such a complex world.

Our Mission

Inspiring young minds to spark their entrepreneurial spirit as global-scale problem solvers, active learners, giving students hands-on support in every step of their journey to success.

Our Vision

Together, we envision a future where our graduates lead with purpose, drive change, and contribute positively to society, shaping a brighter and more entrepreneurial world.

Our Values

  • People: a treasure
  • Entrepreneurship: our mindset
  • Innovation: our air
  • Excellence: passion for what we do
  • Creativity: unlimited potential of young people
  • Truth: ethics and transparency side by side

Our Manifesto

Living has always been an act of overcoming, and education has always been a liberating tool anywhere in the world. What inspires us today? What makes us believe in tomorrow? It is certain that we cannot spend a significant part of our lives in schools that teach only repetitive formulas, names of rivers, history based on dates and places. We are challenged like never before to provide answers and create new opportunities, whether by drawing inspiration from modest garages that were the birthplaces of giant companies impacting our daily lives, making us believe that dreams are possible, or by looking at restless individuals who suggest that the educational process needs new horizons.

We believe in the power of audacity, creativity, and passion that will drive these extraordinary journeys. We, at Pluris Academy, embrace the legacy of always striving for the NEW and turn that spirit into our manifesto.

We are a collective of restless minds and passionate hearts, united by a common purpose: to inspire young people to awaken an entrepreneurial spirit and become problem solvers on a global scale. Our journey is shaped by the belief that every idea, no matter how simple it may seem, can transform into a wonderful opportunity. We nurture the flame of creativity, inspiring our students to turn bold ideas into reality.

We are knowledge intermediaries, providing bridges, not walls, to our students. Our institution is a collaborative link, where brilliant minds come together to create surprising solutions. We celebrate the diversity of ideas, and value every voice. Just like the legendary companies that emerged from garages, we know that together we are capable of unleashing the potential of each student, so that our assistance and the support of families can bring out the best in everyone.

We embrace social responsibility and care for the world we live in, acting through actions that leave transformative and positive marks wherever we go. We recognize that our success is intertwined with the prosperity of our society and the world around us. Guided by ethics and sustainability, we are dedicated to making a positive impact, promoting inclusion, and making a difference in the lives of those around us.

At Pluris Academy, we encourage our students to continuously challenge themselves, urging them to be true to themselves. We encourage each individual to embrace their uniqueness and find their purpose. Inspired by stories of resilience that began amidst difficulties but transformed into solid models that inspire us, we believe that by giving opportunities, people are capable of leaving their marks on the world.

Just like entrepreneurs who turned garages into empires, we learn from our mistakes, rise in the face of adversity, and persist in pursuing our goals. We know that the entrepreneurial journey is full of immense challenges marked by ups and downs, but it is precisely in these experiences that we find strength and growth.

This is our manifesto. A call to action, an invitation to transformation. Together, we will build a generation of entrepreneurial leaders, equipped with knowledge, skills, and an unwavering passion to create a better future.

We are ready to inspire minds, support dreams, and leave the world better than we found it...

Join us on this extraordinary journey.