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How English Language Training at Pluris People Succeed

How English Language Training at Pluris People Succeed

Monday, May 08, 2023

Orlando, Florida, is synonymous with diversity. Our area is probably best known as the home of Walt Disney World. 

Tens of millions of people visit our area to ride the rides and meet their favorite characters. Many of those people are from somewhere other than the United States. Per the Orlando Sentinel:

“International tourists make up a bigger piece of the pie at Disney World, where they typically comprise between 18 percent and 22 percent of total attendance.”

People from across the globe also move to the area to work at places like Disney World and Universal Studios. Thousands of people travel here for seasonal opportunities, only to fall in love with our diverse culture and build their lives here. 

If not theme parks, there are countless corporations and small businesses that love to hire international employees. A few of the reasons people from across the world are attracted to our area include:

  • Weather: If you do not enjoy the cold, you cannot get much farther away from snow and ice than central Florida. You can spend all winter outdoors, and even though we do deal with the occasional hurricane, we are far enough inland to avoid the worst of the storms. 
  • Opportunity: As we have mentioned, Orlando’s economy is strong enough to provide plenty of exciting careers in every industry. If you want work, you can find it in our area. 
  • Cost of Living: In addition to great careers, people relocate to Orlando for the cost of living, which is lower than a lot of places in the country and world. Quality of living, however, is high, so your dollars go a long way. 
  • Medical Care: Throughout the area, we are fortunate to enjoy excellent healthcare. Some of the world’s most knowledgeable doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals are located right here in the Orlando area.  
  • Education: There is no shortage of quality colleges and universities in central Florida. We also have excellent public and private institutions, so parents know their children will have every opportunity to learn and succeed. 

For international adults in the area, there are many advantages to becoming fluent in English. Learning the language or improving your skills can prove invaluable, regardless of your age or station. 

Pluris Academy is here to help speakers of other languages master English. In this article, we are discussing the benefits of taking English classes at Pluris Academy.

What Are ESOL Classes at the Pluris Academy?

At the Pluris Academy, we offer two ESOL programs suited to the needs of our students, Foundations and Intense. We provide an assessment to match each person with the program that will give them the best chance at mastering English. 

The Foundations Program

Our Foundations Program teaches students the fundamentals of communication in American English. We employ English laboratories and other methods to assist students in learning the fundamentals of written and spoken English. 

Students focus on:

  • Comprehending what they are reading
  • Gaining skills for listening and speaking
  • Writing and grammar improvement
  • Electives that will assist you in understanding American culture

The Intense Program

Our Intense Program prepares students for undergraduate or graduate studies, as well as for workplace environments. There are two levels: Upper Intermediate and Advanced

Students gain much of the same skills as the Foundations program, as well as help with test preparation for the SAT/ACT, TOEFL, and IELTS. 

How Students Benefit from Adult English Classes for Speakers of Other Languages

There are many ways in which adult students benefit from mastering English at Pluris Academy. Here are a few examples:

  1. Collegiate Aspirations: For adults who are considering going to community college or a university, knowing English well will vastly improve your experience. From an improved understanding of professors and reading material to communicating more freely with student study groups, there is no limit to how much ESOL classes can improve your adult collegiate experience. 
  2. Employment Opportunities: There are many opportunities in central Florida for people who speak languages other than English; however, there is no doubt your career choices will improve by mastering the native tongue. In fact, it will prove advantageous to be bilingual or multilingual. 
  3. Civic Involvement: English classes at Pluris Academywill help improve your ability to communicate the needs of your family and community. Local civic involvement will be much easier and more fruitful, allowing you to advocate for the people you care about most. 
  4. Increased Confidence: Knowing the primary language of the people around you can help improve your confidence, ensuring you are able to communicate with coworkers and friends. From ordering food at world-class area restaurants to introducing yourself to the neighbors, ESOL classes will boost your courage and confidence.
  5. Politics and Beyond: If you have had a taste for civic involvement, perhaps you are interested in being involved in local and state politics. Mastering English will give you the boost of self-assurance you need to raise funds and make a run at politics. 

Are you ready to take your English skills to the next level? Pluris Academy has seen many adult students improve their mastery of the language, gain confidence in the ability to communicate with their friends and neighbors, and expand their work and educational opportunities. We would love to help. 

Please reach out to the faculty and administrative staff at the Pluris Academy for more information about our ESOL classes. We can’t wait to see how much your English skills improve, and how it will change your life.