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How to Keep Up with Your ESOL Over Summer Break

How to Keep Up with Your ESOL Over Summer Break

Monday, May 01, 2023

Orlando has become home to many from around the world. With many attractions like Walt Disney World, the Weather, Education, Cost of Living, and Health care, Orlando has a large diversity of people from many different backgrounds from many different countries.

Having a place like Pluris Academy can help those expanding their language horizons learn English. Learning English while living in the United States can be very beneficial since it is the national language, and many other people have learned it as a second language who are not from the United States.

Don’t Lose What You’ve Learned

It’s easy when you have a summer break or a lot of time off to let certain priorities fall by the wayside. We want to help you keep up with your priority of learning English. Don’t let this downtime away from school keep you from fulfilling your dreams. 

Below we have presented you with three simple steps to see to it that you keep up with your ESOL.

1. Set Attainable Goals for the Summer

You can get over eager and over-plan. When you’re setting goals for yourself, you have to be careful not to set unrealistic goals. 

Consider how many times per week you want to practice. Setting a goal of seven days a week may be unattainable, especially if you know you have other obligations throughout the week that are going to take up a significant amount of your time.

Here are questions to ask yourself that will help you set goals:

  • How many pages/lessons do you need to cover?
  • How many days are you willing to reasonably commit to brushing up on ESOL?
  • Is there anyone you can practice with? How often?
  • Is there any place that is a good and safe location for you to practice?
  • What resources are available and do you need (computer, books, people, library, etc.)?
  • What location in your house or elsewhere will you set yourself up to study?

Having good goals is the first step to having success over the summer with ESOL.

2. Make a Plan to Accomplish those Goals 

It’s one thing to set goals; it’s another thing to ensure that you fulfill them. Setting yourself up with buffers to make sure you achieve your goals will help you from wandering off the path you’ve set for yourself. 

Here are some buffers to consider to set yourself up for success:

  • Accountability Partner: Pick someone reliable in your life who will ask you if you’re keeping to your commitments and will push you to carry through on them.
  • Put yourself into a situation where someone relies on you: Make arrangements to connect with other people in your class or someone you can practice with; that way, you have an obligation to meet up with them. You’re less likely to fall behind and ignore your commitments when someone else is relying on you.
  • Buy a planner: If you have issues with being organized and planning ahead, buy a planner. It will help you have a place to write it all down and not really have to think about it. All of your information will be written down and off of your mind. Check it and look at it daily to see your daily responsibilities for keeping up with ESOL.
  • Clear your schedule of unnecessary plans: There are unnecessary things that you may be tempted to do that could interfere with your studies. We’re not saying that you should shirk all fun and spontaneous activities, but clearing out days on your schedule will ensure that you keep space to follow through on your intentions.
  • Make room in your schedule when you have plans that require your time: We’re sure you have trips and vacations planned, and you don’t need to miss them for the sake of learning ESOL. However, it can be easy when you’re around friends and family to let studying fall by the wayside. 

Use your planner to make space in your vacation time, and commit to studying for that small amount of time. It could be right before bed, or maybe you get up earlier than everyone else, or maybe you take your studies out to the beach with you.

Set yourself up for success, don’t just have good intentions. See to it that you follow through on them.

3. Stick to the Plan

Now that you’ve set the goals and made a plan to obtain those goals, here comes the hardest part: Actually sticking to the plan. 

It may be tempting to put one day of studying off for the next day, but it can be a slippery slope if you’re not already a very disciplined person. One day will turn into two days, and two days will turn into the whole summer, and you’ll find yourself not only moving forward in ESOL but falling backwards.

Now is the time to decide, make the commitment, agree to it within your whole being. Are you really serious about being able to communicate in this language or not? 

Think of the reasons why you wanted to learn this language. Was it for a successful job? For relationships? For a family member? Remember your “why.” That “why” will carry you through the summer, and into the next term.

Pluris Academy Orlando

Pluris Academy is committed to creating model citizens and leaders of communities. We welcome people from all walks of life and backgrounds into a new way of thinking and learning. 

We want our students to leave our school ready and equipped to impact the world. With so many success stories in our pocket, we hope to add yours to ours as well. 

Whether it’s learning a different language, no matter your age, or if you’re interested in our private school program, feel free to reach out to us at 1-407-757-2241, or visit our website.