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More Than One: Week One Update

More Than One: Week One Update

Monday, June 26, 2023

Welcome to our Blog, More than One! We will be sharing with you our journey throughout the summer as the school begins to open its doors. We are working hard to ensure the Pluris Academy is the best school for your child.

Last week, we hosted Camp Invention at our sister school, Pluris Language. We absolutely love this STEM-Based Wonder program. It allowed them to indulge in the mindset of being an inventor. The kids also learned about different inventors throughout the week and what their process is or was.

They had an opportunity to design and create their own celebration event, Mimic-Bot Stuffy, Pop-Up Business Event, and Skatepark. Each Project had a process of learning, designing, creating, and testing out their products. On the last day of camp, we had the ability to test out and see each other’s projects. They were very proud of their brilliant outcomes.

Moving onto the current update of our building construction.

We have officially installed the sewage system and the lights! We are so excited to see how everything unfolds in the end. Fingers crossed that our beautiful school continues to be constructed and that it will all be ready for the fall.

In the office, Ms. Yani and I are working on finalizing the best curriculum possible for our students this upcoming school year. We are researching what books will fit within our Florida Standards yet spark endless creativity with our garage mindset and future possibilities. We will continue to keep you updated this summer! Stay tuned and we look forward to seeing your beautiful faces this upcoming school year.

Your Principal,
 - Ms. Gaby