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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Private School

Questions To Ask When Choosing A Private School

Wednesday, April 17, 2024

As a parent, it's often challenging to make decisions that can significantly impact your child's life. One of the most critical decisions that parents have to make is where to enroll their children in school. Given that every school is unique, with varying values, class sizes, curriculum, etc., it's crucial to conduct thorough research and ask critical questions before making any decisions. 

It's essential to ensure that the school you choose will provide the best education and a nurturing environment that will help your child grow holistically.

To help you with this, we’ve curated a list of questions that you should ask before choosing a private school for your student.


Seven Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Private School

1) What Is The School’s Philosophy Of Education?

When selecting a private school, it’s essential to find a school whose educational values align with your own. After all, one of the chief reasons for selecting a private school is so that your student isn’t forced into learning the same beliefs and values as those taught within the public school system, so why wouldn’t you send them to somewhere where you are excited about what they are being taught? 

For that reason, certainly spend some time finding a school where you can be confident and supportive of what is being taught to your student. 

We believe in the power of audacity, creativity, and passion that will drive these extraordinary journeys. At Pluris Academy, embrace the legacy of always striving for the NEW and turn that spirit into our manifesto.

We push ourselves and our students to be authentic and to always strive for more. We support each person in discovering their purpose and embracing their individuality. Motivated by tales of perseverance that originated in adversity and developed into strong role models that motivate us, we think that people can make a positive impact on the world if given the chance.

Just like entrepreneurs who turned garages into empires, we learn from our mistakes, rise in the face of adversity, and persist in pursuing our goals. We know that the entrepreneurial journey is full of immense challenges marked by ups and downs, but it is precisely in these experiences that we find strength and growth.

This philosophy drives how our school operates. 

2) What Is The School’s Mission?

Our mission is to inspire young minds to spark their entrepreneurial spirit as global-scale problem solvers and active learners, giving students hands-on support in every step of their journey to success. We exist to empower and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to tackle challenges and make a difference in such a complex world.

This mission governs every aspect of our curriculum, from the classes to individual interactions between students and teachers, even to school announcements. 

3) What Are The Class Sizes?

Fortunately or unfortunately, every school differs in the number of classes and students in each class. This allows for significant differences in the experiences of those attending all of the various school systems. 

However, when it comes to class size, smaller ones seem to be better. 

Many studies have shown that students report higher levels of participation, enjoyment, and learning when taught in a smaller class. This is likely due to teachers not having to manage as many students, being able to engage with individual students more frequently, and also allowing them to use more teaching activities that more fully engage the students’ minds and bodies. 

One of the ways we have always prided ourselves at Pluris Academy is our commitment to small class sizes, where each individual student’s learning is prioritized. While some schools do engage large classes well, we have found that too often, there is a reliance solely on lecturing that does not engage students in all of the non-auditory methods. 

If you have any questions about our class sizes or teaching styles, we would love for you to contact us so we can talk to you more about it!

4) How Does The School Encourage Community?

Pluris Academy will never neglect the value of community and relationships. The sad fact is that for many students in America, school is just a place in which they are confined for many hours of the day until they are inevitably let loose to spend time with their actual community.

 A school that truly cares about its students should instead focus on building a community inside of the academic sphere. School should be a place where your student feels at home and is able to feel heard and connected. 

Private schools have the opportunity to build a strong community. They usually have a smaller student body and more funding for community-building events outside of the classroom.

When selecting a private school, speak to the school about their efforts to encourage a community within their institution. The school should recognize that building a community involves individuals from every aspect of the student’s life. 

For instance, when discussing community-building with the school, it is a good idea to ask questions such as: 

  • What activities do you have that encourage community? 
  • What opportunities are there for parents to get involved? 
  • What types of programs are there in which your students can get involved in order to make friends and learn valuable life skills? 
  • What events do you host that allow my students to involve other members of their circles of influence, such as family, friends, and neighbors? 

5) What Is The School’s Location?

Another obvious item to consider when selecting a school for your student is the actual location of the institution. For some, a long commute is a wonderful opportunity for familial bonding, engaging discussion, and quiet contemplation. For most, however, a long commute quickly becomes an exhausting excursion into monotony. 

Another aspect of location is the quality of the area in which the school is located. Unfortunately, some schools with high quality education programs are impacted by the negative atmosphere surrounding them, such as those in dangerous neighborhoods, those stuffed into tiny corners of crowded cities, or those located out in the far reaches of nowhere. 

Pluris Academy is blessed to be located in a beautiful neighborhood in the heart of Orlando. We have consistently had the privilege of living in an area that holds a delightful compromise of architecture and nature. 

6) How Does The School Implement Technology?

The truth of it is that we live in a modern age where technology is becoming a more and more central aspect of the business world. For this reason, it is important for teachers and faculty to incorporate technology into the learning process, hopefully also in a way that does not minimize human interaction. 

Likewise, on the opposite side of the spectrum, the school should be training students in important life skills such as time management and knowing when to turn the screen off. When looking for a private school to enroll your student, look for a place that excels at this dichotomy: knowing both the importance and dangers of technology.

7) How Does Your Student Feel?

Even though this is somewhat of a unique topic, one of the most important questions parents should ask when choosing a private school for their students is about the students' feelings and opinions. Of course, at the end of the day, the parents must make the ultimate decision, regardless of the student's opinion. 

However, it can not be emphasized enough what a tremendous benefit it is when the student is just as excited about the school as the parents are. Even if you end up deciding to choose a school different from the one preferred by the student, it should hopefully have a positive effect that the student was at least included in the decision process. 

No matter where you end up deciding to enroll your student, at the end of the day, make sure that you are not making this decision alone. 

Reach Out To Pluris Academy With Your Questions Today

Pluris Academy is a highly-regarded academic institution that is known for its commitment to providing students with an exceptional education. Our curriculum is designed to prepare students for success in a rapidly changing world, and we offer a wide range of courses in various fields of study. 

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in business, technology, or any other area, we have the resources and expertise to help you achieve your goals. At Pluris Academy, we believe that education should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer a variety of financial aid options to help students pay for their tuition.

If you have any questions about our programs, admissions process, or anything else, please contact our office. We are always happy to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about your child’s education.