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Why Private School Is The Right Choice For Your Child

Why Private School Is The Right Choice For Your Child

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Education is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life. Children and young adults spend most of their first eighteen to twenty-two years of life in some version of a classroom, whether it’s public, private, or homeschool. They will find mentors in the coaches and teachers associated with their academic experience. They will meet classmates with whom they will form lifelong friendships. 

The subjects in which they excel will likely shape their future careers. Students will lean on the lessons they have learned at various schools throughout their lives.

We are fortunate to have high-quality public institutions in and around Orlando, FL. However, even during more normal seasons of life, parents seek alternatives to traditional public education. 

The first charter schools opened in Florida in the late 1990s. Now, there are over 600 charter schools in Florida. Although charter schools are sponsored by the government, they are not subject to the same curricular restrictions as regular public schools. 

Charter students benefit from year-round scheduling, smaller class sizes, uniforms, and specialized subject content, all without paying tuition. However, there is still bureaucracy that limits how much control they have over their philosophies of education. 

In this article, we are discussing why private education might be right for your child. 

1) Private Schools Facilitate Personal Growth In Various Ways

The paramount advantage of personal growth-focused education is the integration of personal development into the educational journey. Here are several ways in which this is facilitated:

Private Schools Emphasize Personal Development Principles

A fundamental benefit of education focused on personal growth is the chance to prioritize personal development principles at the core of a student’s learning experience. The profound truths of self-awareness, self-improvement, and resilience play a vital role in shaping individuals. 

For instance, at Pluris Academy, our mission is to empower and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to tackle challenges and make a difference in such a complex world. We aim for our students to embrace these values, apply them in their lives, and inspire others with their journey. This ethos underpins every classroom and extracurricular activity.

Private Schools Instill Essential Life Skills

The principles of personal development are foundational to all aspects of life. At a school like Pluris Academy, we don’t just communicate these ideals; we emphasize the importance of understanding and applying essential life skills such as critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and effective communication. 

Our philosophy, outlined on our website, highlights our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals prepared to face life’s challenges with confidence and integrity. Our teachings are grounded in the comprehensive development of our students, enriching their educational journey with valuable life lessons.

Private Schools Have Mentors Who Inspire Growth

Our faculty and administrators are dedicated not only to teaching academic subjects but also to fulfilling a broader mission - to inspire and guide students on their personal growth journey. Your child will benefit from mentors who are committed to encouraging self-discovery, fostering resilience, and supporting them in achieving their personal best.

Private Schools View Education Through A Personal Development Lens

For institutions like Pluris Academy in Orlando, Florida, being centered on personal growth does not detract from our commitment to delivering a high-quality academic experience. Instead, every subject is approached with a perspective that considers personal development. 

We believe that understanding oneself and learning to navigate personal and social challenges provide the best context for mastering academic subjects and life beyond school.

Private Schools Cultivate A Supportive Community

An education that emphasizes personal growth offers the chance for your institution to become a thriving community. Parents, faculty, and students are aligned with the goals of personal development and support one another and our students in their journey to become their best selves. This collective effort fosters a nurturing environment where every student can flourish.

2) Private Schools Are Statistically Safer

Generally, schools are safe places. You can, for the most part, trust that your child will be safe and unharmed regardless of whether they attend private or public institutions. However, it is noteworthy that private schools are indeed safer in some key statistical categories:

  • Since 2000, 94% of active shooter situations have occurred at public schools. 
  • Within public schools, 20% of public school students say there are gangs on campus. That is in contrast to only 2% of private school students reporting the presence of gangs at their schools. 
  • 28% of public school students report experiencing bullying. That is in contrast to 21% of private school students experiencing bullying. 
  • Over 40% of public school teachers say they deal with interruptive behavior issues during the school day. However, only 22% of private school teachers report they experience behavioral issues in the classroom that derail teaching. 

There are several reasons private schools are statistically safer. It is likely a combination of small class sizes, individual attention, and emphasis on the gospel of peace that makes private schools less violent and more nurturing.

3) Private Schools Have Smaller Class Sizes

Why Private School Is The Right Choice For Your Child

Private schools typically have 40-50% fewer individuals in each classroom. Smaller class sizes provide schools like ours with opportunities and advantages such as:

  • Individual attention for students when they excel or struggle in a particular subject
  • Opportunities for students to develop strong, lasting friendships
  • Fewer occasions for bullying and mistreatment

Smaller class sizes are one of the key benefits of private education. 

4) Private Schools Have Freedom To Do What Is Best Regarding Sanitation And Health

Parents recognize that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to education during a pandemic. Private schools are able to make decisions based on what is best for the individual students and parents within their communities. 

Our cleaning and sanitation process has been and will continue to be thorough. With smaller class sizes, we are able to practice social distancing effectively, when necessary. Although we hope we never experience another pandemic, with our online programs, we are prepared to do our best to mitigate the effects of widespread sickness while still ensuring we provide a high-quality education experience for our students.

5) Private Schools Are Committed To Excellence

Our educational institution aims to promote human values and ethics. That is the responsibility of every individual who believes in the power of education. 

  1. Excellence in academics: We make sure our students have access to excellent teachers who are experts in their subjects. It is vital to provide high-quality academics.  
  2. Excellence in the arts: Our extracurricular activities are designed to help students pursue excellence in service and the arts. 
  3. Excellence in character: Whether it is in the classroom, on the athletic field, or in the community, we emphasize the importance of growing in character and ingenuity. 

Are you more convinced than ever that private school is the right choice for your child? For parents in Orlando, Florida, Pluris Academy is here for you and your students. 

We are here to answer your questions and would be happy to schedule a tour of our school