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Why Studying English in the U.S. Is Better Than at Home

Why Studying English in the U.S. Is Better Than at Home

Monday, June 05, 2023

So, you are thinking of learning English. There are many avenues to learning a foreign language. You can go to a class nearby, learn from a book or an app, or actually come to the United States and learn in the environment. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages of any of these, but which is the most effective?

Learning a language's theory and vocabulary from a textbook at home is one thing; living abroad and being constantly exposed to it is quite another. Even though both of these approaches can aid in the development of useful language abilities, only one of them has been shown to accelerate language learning (hint: it doesn't include staying at home).

Immersion-based language development is much more effective than your normal classroom setting, learning from a book or an app. This entails using the language frequently and in context by surrounding yourself with it in other areas of your life. It's crucial to continue using the parts of the brain that are gradually figuring out how to process that second language.

Why Studying English in the United States Is Better Than at Home

In this article, we will discuss why studying English in the United States is better than learning English in a classroom in your country, from a book, or from an app.

1. Fully Immersed in the Language 

You can't possibly avoid learning the language you're trying to learn when you are immersed in the culture. Every engagement with the local culture can help you learn new words and gain a deeper grasp of the language, whether it be interacting with your host family, watching local TV, ordering meals at restaurants, or even reading the advertisements posted all over the place.

2. You Will Speak English on a Daily Basis

Living in the United States to learn English forces you to use all of your newly acquired language abilities on a daily basis, and practice makes perfect. The best aspect, though, is that it doesn't feel like practice. 

You'll quickly join in and be able to keep up while everyone around you is speaking English. Asking for directions, going to the movies, and checking the forecast are all examples of simple daily language use.

3. You Will Get to Experience Real Life in the United States

Not only are you learning the language, but you are also picking up skills needed to live in a completely different culture. Everywhere you travel, local life will be different from what you are used to. 

Living abroad is fascinating and difficult at the same time, from social interactions to grocery shopping, establishing friends, and taking the bus. You will be able to manage anything else life throws at you by taking on this new adventure.

4. Studying Abroad Helps Improve Your Resume

Studying a foreign language itself impresses prospective employers and college admissions committees since it demonstrates your ability to concentrate, commit to your studies, and possess the type of learning necessary to master a foreign language. However, when you add moving to a foreign country to learn its native language to this, you have really upped your game! 

5. You Will Meet So Many New People

Nothing says lifelong friends like meeting new people who have also moved far from their country and are looking for friends to hang out with. You can be sure that you will be learning from and having fun with a diverse and intriguing group of people. Learning English as a second language will undoubtedly be something you will all have in common with your international classmates. 

6. You Will Explore the United States 

Studying English in the United States is like taking a long vacation. Even though you have to attend class and study, you will also get to hang out with new people while sightseeing in the United States! In fact, there is a whole new world right outside your door that is screaming to be explored.

Where to Study English in the United States? 

There are many places in the United States where you can study English, but Orlando, Florida, would be our favorite, so let’s take a look at Orlando. Orlando is a beautiful city in central Florida with many perks. Orlando offers the perfect combination of outdoor beauty, convenience, and entertainment, from stunning lakes to vibrant nightlife.

Here are just a few highlights Orlando, Florida has to offer:

  • Conveniently located in central Florida
  • Florida's second-best city for public transportation (so you will not need a car)
  • A ton of exciting attractions
    • Theme parks
    • Water parks
    • Water sports
    • Beaches
    • Shopping
    • Art museums
    • Nightlife
    • Dining
    • Breweries
    • Wildlife

Orlando is home to Pluris Academy, which has an adult English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) program that offers a variety of techniques, including English labs, that offer real-world situational practice to help students practice and achieve high-level proficiency, as well as comfort in the language and culture. 

Our focus at Pluris Academy ESOL program is on personal connections facilitating an acceleration into fluency and cultural integration. Our adult ESOL program includes the issuing of an I-20 for four years. This is an added plus if you want to spend more time in the United States without having to think about your visa expiring.

If you are still unsure if being involved in an ESOL program is what you would like to do, take some time to read? This article will explain just a few advantages of being bilingual. 

We at Pluris Academy will be happy to answer any other questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us through this link.