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What Sets Pluris Academy Apart

Monday, October 02, 2023

Parents seek out private schools for a variety of reasons. Foremost among these is often the quality of education. Many parents believe that private schools provide a superior academic experience, complete with smaller class sizes that allow for more individualized attention.

Additionally, they may appreciate the broader curriculum offered by private schools, including enriching arts programs and a plethora of extracurricular activities. The school environment is another consideration.

Parents often look for a nurturing, inclusive atmosphere that aligns with their own values. Our values are what set Pluris Academy apart from other educational institutions.

Welcome to our Blog, More than One! We will be sharing with you our journey throughout the summer as the school begins to open its doors. We are working hard to ensure the Pluris Academy is the best school for your child.

Last week, we hosted Camp Invention at our sister school, Pluris Language. We absolutely love this STEM-Based Wonder program. It allowed them to indulge in the mindset of being an inventor. The kids also learned about different inventors throughout the week and what their process is or was.

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So, you have decided to learn English! This is an excellent choice since there are many advantages to being able to communicate in English. Knowing English will help you achieve success in your education, career, and business endeavors with technology, science, and more! 

Learning a foreign language can be done in a variety of ways. You can attend a nearby class, study from a book or an app, or travel to the United States and learn there. Each of these has pros and cons, but which is the most efficient, and what do you need to know before you get started?

So, you are thinking of learning English. There are many avenues to learning a foreign language. You can go to a class nearby, learn from a book or an app, or actually come to the United States and learn in the environment. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages of any of these, but which is the most effective?

Learning a language's theory and vocabulary from a textbook at home is one thing; living abroad and being constantly exposed to it is quite another. Even though both of these approaches can aid in the development of useful language abilities, only one of them has been shown to accelerate language learning (hint: it doesn't include staying at home).